Saturday, March 12, 2011

Lyndon B. Johnson National Historical Park. A nice Texas family getaway.

President, Mrs. Johnson and their dog Yuki enjoy sitting near the Pedernales River

"We wanted the LBJ Ranch to be our home for the remaining years left to us , then to be open to to all who wished to visit" - Lady Bird Johnson 1999

It's been many years since I had been to the Lyndon B. Johnson National Historic Park in Stonewall Texas. I think the last time I was there had to be in the 1970's and at that time I was about 7 or 8 years old. I vaguely remember the trip with all of my brothers and sisters. We used to pile in a station wagon and head all over the Lone Star State . My parents would pack the ice chests full of sandwiches and chips and we would eat outside on the park grounds and then continue our tour. Today was no exception it was a absolutely beautiful day in Stonewall Texas..The high temperature today was about 82 degrees which was just about right to take my family on a little adventure for the day. 

We started out at the Sauer-Beckman living history farm which the kids loved .It displays rural farm life from the 1860's. 

I also loved visiting LBJ's ranch including his show barn, The Johnson family cemetery, his air strip where Air Force One often landed and of course the Texas White House. 

Looking for family fun? I highly recommend this trip. It was about an hour and a half drive from our home in San Antonio. We took interstate 10 to highway 87 and onward to Stonewall. My personal favorite areas to see at the park were of course Air Force One that is parked there near its runway . I also enjoyed the Texas White house. To enter LBJ's home it is only done by guided 30 minute tours with no touching and no photography once inside the house. I also enjoyed the "Friendship Stones" where different visitors went to visit the President over the years at the ranch. No guestbook here just wet cement! (see the picture above).

The final resting place of Lyndon B. Johnson and Lady Bird Johnson. 

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Looking faith in the eyes.

I am God's servant. On Sundays I usually find myself transforming into a Eucharistic minister or Lector. The church I go to is pretty crowded. It's great to see a lot of young families. Some of us are  looking for faith. Some of us are all looking to maintain the faith we have. I really think that faith has many faces. I see these faces every Sunday. The faces of faith.

The construction worker with the large callouses on his hands.
The single mother juggling two kids.
The single dads.
The homemakers
The working dads.
The retirees.
The teenagers.
The young children.
The babies.

My face.