Tuesday, January 19, 2010

And so the story goes..

I am continuing to work on my dad's book in my spare time. I have no time limit to finish this but I have set a goal to have it completed this year. It is a learning process for me but I feel that I can get it done in the correct manner. It can be hard since I work full time trying to manage a household full of kids. There are times when I come home so mentally drained from work that I don't want to do anything but have dinner, play with the kids and put everyone to bed.

But back to the book about my dad, he continues to supply me with stories about his past. I am continuing to edit them and I am starting to think about how I want to pitch this book and to whom. I know I have enough material to pitch the book now but I want to make sure I am ready. It is a project that I have committed to and I am determined to see it through.

I hope one day that my girls can make the time to write about me in a blog or abook . I don't really consider my life really interesting to this point. I continue to believe that my dad did so much more at my age than I think I will do in a lifetime. Maybe the next forty years of life will be a little bit more interesting with all kinds of twists and turns!

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