Sunday, October 25, 2009

The need to blog

I think everyone reading this post should have a blog. I have my reasons for blogging. Some posts are very personal and other posts are for fun. I really want to leave a written record for my children. My dad handed me a personal memoir of his life a few years ago. It was a very detailed account of his jobs, his struggles, his personal demons, and what he had to sacrifice to raise all of my brothers and sisters. Just think how much more he could have written if he had a computer to blog on.

My reasons for blogging are simple. I want them to know what kind of father they have. I want them to know what kind of family I came from and that I am not perfect. I am sure that most parents would admit that they are not perfect. But we all try as hard as we can to do our best. Like my father before me I want to provide a written account of my personal thoughts, likes, dislikes, observations, and struggles.

I know my girls will enjoy my posts. Some of my personal favorites so far:

  • Take five minutes
  • A mother's hands
  • A letter to my mother in law
  • A father and a friend
  • Our gift to each other
  • Exhilarating moments
  • Raising daughters
  • Hero's among us
  • Childhood the most beautiful season of all

These are just some of my favorites but I really like all of the posts I have done. Each post has taken some thought and fact finding. So I think that everyone should take a few minutes to start a blog and write down some thoughts. I know some of you have other hobbies like scrap booking or exercising. Your blog will stay on the Internet forever. With just a few clicks of the mouse my kids will be able to open up a treasure that they can hold onto forever. If each of my daughters want to start their own blog then that is something that they can leave for future generations as well. So start blogging!

More posts to come!

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