Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Reflections 2009

We are quickly coming to the end of 2009. I'm sure all bloggers are going to reflect on this past year. I am no different. I think overall 2009 was a good year for my family(as well as my extended family.) I made a promise to myself that I was going to keep this blog current and I think I have done that. I need this blog for personal reasons. One reason I need this blog is to help me wind down from a long day at work. Another reason I need this blog is to occasionally vent about work (I think that is part of the winding down process!)

I cannot forget that I promised myself that I would blog about the "in and outs" of fatherhood. I don't claim to be a expert on this subject but I try really hard to be good at it. I am "knocking on wood" when I say that all of my daughters have been in good health this past year. All of my brothers and sisters are doing well so I am grateful for that. My parent's health situation has been somewhat steady. My dad has had some problems with cataracts but he is aggressively trying to get that corrected with surgery. My mom has had some health concerns with her irregular heart beat. My brothers and sisters (and her doctors) are trying to find the best treatment for her. We are very optimistic when it comes to my parent's health. I pray that 2010 gets their health back on track.

I spent a lot of time reflecting about my job and everything that happened. I survived several rounds of layoffs. I am grateful that I was able to keep my job. A lot of my friends were not as fortunate. I miss a lot of my ex co-workers. I know all of them have rebounded and have new jobs. I hope that we do not have to experience layoffs again.
I think that 2010 will be better for everybody. The economy is heading in the right direction. You and I experienced the worst of times. I am hopeful that we never have to go through that again.
How was your 2009?

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