Saturday, November 21, 2009

Saving baby pictures from our old computer

We have a ten year old Dell computer that has been out of commission for awhile. It has been in a closet for a long time. It started giving us trouble so we decided to buy a new desktop a couple of years ago. We took tons of baby pictures of all of my daughters and stored them all on this computer. I think the mistake that me and my wife made is not storing these baby pictures in other places like in a photo album or some picture storing website.

I have all of their births and other major life events stores on this old computer. So I had to retrieve these pictures at all costs. I even left the desktop out on the floor as a reminder of what I needed to do. The computer itself is able to "boot" up so I think that is a good thing. I was told that our old Dell desktop was so old that not even any flash drives were compatible.

I have a friend at work who is a computer tech. He was able to help me retrieve all of the baby pictures that were on my computer. All of the baby pictures of my daughters are so precious I am glad we were able to retrieve them. Hopefully I will have some baby pictures to show all of you guys real soon!

Special thanks to my buddy at work who was able to help me!

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