Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Traveling the Texas Hill Country during the Holidays

I did not realize how much I miss the Texas Hill Country in and around San Antonio. As a kid my parents used to have some property around Wimberly Texas. We had a cabin on this property (It was more of a shack) where we would sleep over. Visiting our property in Wimberly as kids gave us an idea how some of the first Texas settlers used to live off of the land.

When traveling on IH 10 towards Boerne, Comfort and Round Mountain you immediately notice the rolling Texas Hills and the great fall and winter colors. I forgot how fun it is to spend the holidays in the Hill Country . I went with my family to the Comfort Texas holiday parade. I felt like I was on a movie set. Everything seemed so perfect. The way the small town had the streets and the buildings decorated I thought I had stepped on the movie set of "Hope Floats" or something. It also seemed very surreal because everything was so perfect. Everyone seemed to know each other there. Some of the floats were very " Texas." Like the float carrying the high school football team or the float carrying a deer blind with a BBQ pit and the beauty queen. There was also a Christimas tree with beer cans on it. Only in Texas .
I feel a connection to the Texas Hill Country I'm not sure what it is. Maybe it was the fact that we had some property growing up or maybe being born and raised in South Central Texas. There are many holiday activities coming up in the small cities surrounding San Antonio . Try and hit the road this holiday season. There are many family memories just waiting for you and future generations.

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