Tuesday, June 8, 2010

On being a father

Here is a little list that my dad put together on what constitutes fatherhood. It is all so true. Sometimes I find myself searching for my own list or rewriting the list that I have. Fatherhood is not easy as you all know. I am still learning things everyday from my daughters. I think they are redefining what fatherhood should be for me. What I tell everyone is that God put me on earth for my daughters just like God put my parents on earth for me and my brothers and sisters. That is my only mission just to raise my daughters into fine women . Here is the list.

A father must be able to carry the world on his shoulders.

Must be able to solve problems.

Serve as a confidant on the spur of the moment.

Act as a consultant when called upon for advice.

Serve as financial planner.

Lends assistance when needed.

Inject common sense into discussions that do not make sense.

Attempt to serve as corporate CEO for the family.

Directs the family in faith and hope..

Serves as business advisor.

When the chips are down, father knows best.

Believes in giving away what he has in order for his children to be happy.

Sacrifices are part of the norm.

Rides an emotional roller coaster on a daily basis..

Loves his family even though it might not seem like it.

A father expects nothing in return and is a father unconditionally.

Whet else can a father do? Just call him, and you’ll find out that fathers can do any thing.

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