Friday, July 23, 2010

One chapter closes and a new one begins

I recently received the news that my job was going to end in September. I have been with this company eight years this past May. I have never really been without a job in the past 14 years, I have always been employed. I think I have a pretty good work ethic. I work hard, I work weekends when necessary, I work overtime when it calls for that. I travel .

When I got the news last week that I was not going to be offered a job with the new company I ran through all of the emotions. We are summoned to the conference room where the news was received. As I glanced around the conference room I see the look of battered troops. I was included. We knew two years ago that this day would come. Our company was always on the selling block . Maybe we forgot about it. Maybe we thought that a sale was impossible during these tough economic times. I was feeling all of these emotions, fear, relief, self -worth and sadness. I know the people in the room were feeling the same range of emotions too. I could see it.

According to some of the things you can do before a layoff hits:

1. Prepare for a layoff by having your resume ready.
2. Prepare for a layoff by keeping your network alive.
3. Prepare for a layoff by sharpening your skills.
4. Prepare for a layoff by taking time for yourself.
5. Prepare for a layoff by thinking about a career change.

I am prepared with my resume. It is polished and ready. I think there is always a silver lining behind everything. Being laid off in a few weeks will allow me to spend some valuable time with my family, specifically my wife and kids. I worked a lot of weekends and I missed several events and family functions. I struggled finding the perfect work-life balance if there is such a thing anymore. I worked hard for my family. I did it for them. I look forward to watching my kindergartner take her first steps into public education. I will be there for that. I will also be there to pick her up after school and asking how her first day was. I will also be able to meet her for lunch on her first day of school.

I will keep you posted on my journey.

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