Thursday, July 15, 2010

Summer doldrums

Summer has been good for the kids but a bit unpredictable for me. It's also been the summer of uncertainty for me with the job market. Companies get bought and sold. My company is not immune to this. My kids have been pretty oblivious to the surrounding job market. I don't really expect them to know what's going on with the job market because they are kids.

I think parents should not get kids involved with their problems especially the job market. I know when I was a kid my dad went through a few job changes but I always knew things were going to be fine and I was always confident when it came to my dad and his abilities.I know my girls are confident with whatever endeavor I choose. Kids have the most important job of all, just being kids and having fun.

I know things will be looking up. They always have a way of turning around. One door closes another one opens . I will keep you posted .

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