Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Texas blogger Rennywriter answers your questions

I thought it would be fun to answer some questions for my audience. I have always been fascinated with celebrity questions you find in back of magazines. Since I have been in a goofy mood all week, This post is all about fun!!!!

Name: Rene R Arguello
Company: Rennywriter  Blog URL http : //http://www.rennywriter.blogspot.com/

Why did you start blogging? I started blogging as a way to relieve stress after the busy work day. I also blog because I discovered my love for writing while in college. I usually have time to write at night when my wife is putting the kids to sleep. That hour is my time to blog. I also love the creative process of writing a post from when the idea first pops in my head and then is formed on my blog.

What is the main goal of your blog? I am not sure if I have a niche. If I do have a niche it would be in regards to the nuclear family. It would be about raising my daughters the best way I know how. I come from a large family with a traditional family and religious background. I am trying to pass these traditions and values to my daughters.I also love writing about business and tech news. So I would have to say the niche of my blog is a little of everything.

How has your life changed growing up in a household of women? Well... I come from a family of six brothers and three sisters . Growing up my brothers dominated our household. It was like we were a basketball team and our rooms were actually locker rooms. Clothes scattered everywhere, food left in the room. You name the dirty piece of clothing or the most common candy wrapper and you could find it in our room. My daughters are no different! As a man in a female dominated household I just have to watch what I wear. My wife and daughters also know my habits and also know when I need some alone time too.

Is there anything you won't eat? No I actually love food . I will try everything .

Could you please tell me what type of tattoos you have and their meanings? I have no tattoos at this time but I would like to get one of my daughters  and put it over my heart. I have a picture of them that would be the perfect tattoo. Including my wife, my daughters are the most important people to me on the planet. I would be proud to wear them over my heart. I would love for Kat Von D  of LA Ink  to do it for me (wishful thinking!)

What is your idea of fun or relaxation on your time off ? My wife works at a state park here in Texas  so I find myself going on hikes with my daughters. I also like to blog for relaxation. I also started running and exercising in January. I find exercising very soothing and rewarding. Also hanging out with mom and dad along with my brothers and sisters.

You turned 46 a few weeks ago. How are you dealing with it? I am doing great. No big deal. I feel like I am in my early 30's . I guess my daughters keep me young. I find myself playing and kidding around with them a lot . They love it.

Do you have a secret nickname? As a kid playing baseball my coach would call me Renny. My mom called me Birdie. I have also been called other names that I wont mention here ! (just kidding)

Are you and your wife planning to have more kids? No. We are done.

What movie scares you? The fourth kind . That is some scary stuff right there! Any movie having to do with little green (gray) men scares the crap out of me.

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