Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Work relocation the sequel

In a previous post I mentioned that I relocated to a different part of the city. Our office is located near Castroville Texas. When we build out in the "hill country" we are actually intruding on wildlife. As a result of building in the "hill country," I am going to see a lot of "roadkill."

Some of the "roadkill" I have seen while driving to work:

Hogs! Roadkill

Also seen: Ringtail Cat-Roadkill

I have also seen a cow outside the fence. Walking alongside the road. Not roadkill. Could be.

Skunks of course -Roadkill

I have also seen coyote and armadillo roadkill while driving to work. I am learning about Texas wildlife while driving to work every morning. I'm wondering what I am going to see tomorrow?

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