Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Missing my Johnny Lightning lunch box

One of the fun things I like to do while school supply shopping is to look at the new lunch boxes that are out. My kids buy lunch sometimes. They also like to take their lunch. I am assume they get pretty bored with the lunch menu in the cafeteria. I know I would. Today there are lots of lunch boxes to choose from. There is the Iron Man lunch box , the Spider Man lunch box and the Harry Potter lunch box. I'm sure for every movie that is out there is some kind of lunch box made.

I always took my lunch. I sometimes took my lunch in a brown paper bag. Other times I had my own lunch box. One of my first lunch boxes was a Johnny Lightning lunch box. This was from a line of race cars before Hot Wheels came out. It was so cool. It was a lunch box from the 1970's (I'm giving away my age!) It was metal and when you rubbed the picture on the front of the lunch box you could feel the image of the car. The thermos was even better. The picture of the race car and it's driver was larger than life.

I started researching my first lunch box a few months ago. I thought it would be so neat to have it. I started looking on eBay for one. Every time I started bidding for this lunch box I always got beat out at the last minute. Just to see my lunch box on the internet for the first time brought back so many good memories. My mom used to make my lunch the night before and put it in the refrigerator. That way my lunch was ready to go in the morning. The funny thing is that when I would eat my lunch at school my sandwich would always be soggy. I think after that my mom started making my lunch in the mornings!
My daughters don't know much about lunch boxes from the 1970's. They give me a confused look when I mention the lunch boxes I had. There was a lunch box made for all kinds of TV series like Chips, Charlies Angels, The Banana Splits, The Hair Bear Bunch, The Six Million Dollar Man and the Bionic Woman.
If you run across a Johnny Lightning lunch box you know where to find me!

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