Sunday, August 30, 2009

Getting lost

I have my kids enrolled in religious education classes at our church . Our church is located deep in the Northwest part of San Antonio outside of loop 1604. This whole area is growing at an a alarming rate but that is for a another blog posting. I try to get to mass as often as I can. After a long work week I have to admit that it can be tough waking up on Sundays. I attended religious education classes all through my childhood. I think my religious education upbringing molded me into the man I am today.

Today was the first day for religious education classes at our church. I have my 2nd and 6th graders enrolled. We usually get down with the kids and walk them into their classrooms. We make sure they are settled into their chairs before we leave them . After religious class the kids are escorted to the church. That is where I usually meet up with them. Or so I thought.

I waited for my 2nd grader to be escorted into mass today by her teacher. She did not show. My wife went to go look for her. She looked and looked and could not find my 2nd grader. She looked out in the classroom and back in the church. My wife said that she got lost and ended up sitting with another teacher in church. She was crying, she said that she had become separated from her class. She asked me why I did not look for her. I told her momma was looking for her and that I had to take care of her 4 year old sister and my mom in church. I promised my 2nd grader that would never happen again. I will be waiting for her as soon as she walks out of her classroom next Sunday.

It reminds me of the time I got lost at Hemisfair 68. I vaguely remember it. I think what triggers my memories of the World's Fair in 1968 (Hemisfair) is that I became separated from the pack.

I'm not sure if my family was going to get on the Monorail or if they were heading to the Tower of the Americas. All I know is that I was wondering around at the World's Fair alone. That is until a female security guard picked me up and put me on her motorcycle. I just remember wearing her hat in the security office and seeing my mom and dad walk in to claim me. I know the security guards gave me a lollipop to make me happy. That is probably where I get my love and appreciation of women. Being rescued by a woman in my toddler years at Hemisfair 68 and being surrounded by women today at home and at work.

What can I say women rule my life!

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