Sunday, August 2, 2009

Facebook comes in handy for large families (like mine)

I have a large family. I come from a family of six boys(including me) and three girls. We all have busy lives. We all work, we all have kids that are active. There are a lot of ways to communicate these days. You can pick up the landline. You can use your cell phone. You can text. You can send an email. You can instant message.You can also Facebook.

I have a basic Palm phone. It came with the Facebook application in it already. All of my brothers and sisters have some type of phone that gets Facebook. I find it easy to talk to them anytime of the day. They can send me a message through Facebook, they can chat with me. I can also write on their wall and they can comment later.

I also find it useful when it comes to business clients or contacting my field rep. It is good because business clients can get a glimpse into my family life. It can be as basic or personal as someone wants it to be. I know that my Facebook is personal. At my age I don't have anything to hide. It has some pictures of my family. It also has pictures of my large extended family.

Facebook has some fun applications too. You can send one of your Facebook friends a drink, you can join Mafia wars with them, you can take tons of quizzes. I took a Star Trek quiz which was quite entertaining.

How old does one person have to be to have a Facebook account? I don't know. I know my sixth grader has asked me for one. I think she is a bit too young for Facebook. I would not be surprised if my mom and dad ask me to start a Facebook account for them.

I will see you guys. I am going to Facebook now.

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