Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Coffee anyone?

I am now realizing the importance of coffee in my life. I would have to say that within the last 5 years my love of coffee has really taken off. I usually have my wife set the timer on the coffee pot about 7am every morning. Usually the aroma of the coffee makes its way up the the staircase to the master bedroom where it reaches my nose. Ah, the smell of fresh roasted coffee!

I have a cool coffee travel mug that I take with me every morning. It is the right size. Not too big not to little. I don't drink it black. I'm not that brave. I usually have some type of coffee creamer in it. My wife also has a travel coffee mug. We have all kinds of travel coffee mugs. I also have coffee at work. I know some companies are cutting back with expenses and sometimes coffee does not survive the budget cut.

It's funny that that once we reach a certain age a bell goes off in our head. Once that bell goes off ,all of a sudden we like coffee! Coffee is universal. Coffee can be found all over the planet. Coffee goes well with meetings. Coffee goes well in the classroom. Coffee goes well with breakfast , lunch and desert. Coffee goes well in the car. I was wondering are there any health benefits to coffee? I wonder sometimes if we know for sure. We hear that sometimes there are health benefits. We hear that sometimes there are risks involved with coffee. It is like nobody can decide. So I decided I to find out some answers.

There are several websites that state the following:
  • Coffee may prevent and treat Alzheimer's
  • Coffee may help with diabetes
  • Coffee may help with skin cancer
  • Coffee helps people with Hepatitis C

I will try and remember these things when I am drinking my next cup of coffee. Whatever the case may be, not only does coffee smell wonderful, there are also health benefits. I hope I never run across a article or website that states coffee is now bad for you. I cannot do without my coffee.

Shameless plug: I love McDonald's coffee.

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