Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Do you know this face?

I first met Danny Trejo, the actor, a couple of years ago at a family get together here in San Antonio. Danny has been in countless movies some of which you might be familiar with. He has an impressive list of movies. I will attempt to list some of them. I don't have the room to list them all. These are not in any kind of order:

  1. Heat

  2. Con Air

  3. Desperado

  4. Dusk till dawn

  5. Bubble Boy

  6. Spy kids movies

  7. Grindhouse

  8. The Devils rejects

  9. Reindeer Games

  10. Anaconda

At this family get together he was very nice . He was sitting at the table and answered all the family's questions about Hollywood. I was able to get a few questions in about Con Air and what it was like to work with John Cusak. He also loved meeting my kids and even posed for a picture with me and all of my daughters. And yes he has those tattoos.

Danny Trejo is related to my wife's family. I have met him a couple of times now. I read where he is currently filming the Robert Rodriguez movie Machete in Austin with Robert De Niro , Lindsey Lohan and reports are that Jonah Hill will be cast.

Slice them up good Danny!

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