Sunday, August 23, 2009

New school year thoughts

It's finally here. The new school year. We finished up our school supply shopping and the kids are eager for the new school year to start. The kids have their backpacks ready with their school supplies inside. I thinks it's going to be a good school year. I know when I was a kid going to school I could not sleep the night before the new school year. I was excited. I'm not quite sure why we are putting the kids to sleep early tonight. I know they will be lying wide awake in their beds.

I know my kids will be excited tonight. I expect it to be a long night for them. I don't blame them, new friends and new teachers. It could be nerves too. I don't expect them to eat any dinner tonight. All the arrangements have been made in regards to after school care. The kids will be eating lunch at school and occasionally packing a lunch.

I am excited about my daughter taking the school bus to middle school for the first time. I am a little nervous about that but I know she is mature enough to take on that responsibility. She has her cell phone with her at all times so I feel good about her riding the bus. She also has friends that will be riding with her too.

I know I will be making visits to school during the year. I know I will have to be picking up the occasional sick child or taking forgotten items to school. I know I will be taking field trips this year. I am going to be sad not having them during the day. I know we will be excited to see each other after school.

So here is to all the parents that are going through all the back to school jitters. I just know that the coffee better be ready tomorrow morning.

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