Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Getting the kids ready for back to school

School is around the corner. The summer vacations are just about over. Let the fun begin. The necessary back to school shots have been taken care of at the doctors offices. If you are like most parents you have been searching for the cheapest school supplies around. Don't bother looking for unnecessary school supplies. My wife just buys the necessary items on the back to school list. No more, no less.

Most parents are trying to get the back to school clothes too. Looking for the elusive back to school sales. With tax free weekend comming up the stores are sure to be jam packed. I have not figured out if I like the tax free weekends. I like the savings but I don't like the crowds. (So don't look for me there!)

There is also the lunch situation. Are my kids taking lunch or are they buying lunch? I am not sure what to think about the cafeteria. You keep putting money into their lunch accounts and they go through those accounts so fast.
There is also the after school situation. Are they going to day care or are they going to be parent pickup?If they are parent pickup it is better to park your car and get down and wait. You could be sitting in the car quite awhile if you decide to wait in the car for your kids. If they are after school care , can you make it before 6:30 pm to pick them up?
There is also the issue of sending kids with additional money for spirit t-shirts, PTA and field trips. Let's not forget about money for the constant barrage of Scholastic books and book fairs.
Here we go again!

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