Saturday, August 29, 2009

A letter to the Mcallister Park baseball team.

Just wanted to express my thanks for representing San Antonio in the Little League World Series in Williamsport. Your team did a fine job showing how much fun it is to play ball and yet win at the same time. I know that in the end, it was a heartbreaking loss. You have to give credit to Chula Vista California. They came back after a disappointing loss to our team (San Antonio) earlier in the week to finally beating us in the finals.

Watching your team play in the Little League World Series brought back many memories for me. I also played baseball as a kid with the CYO , YMCA and different "Pony Leagues " around the city. I can honestly tell you those were the best times of my life. No worries, just playing baseball. Don't forget about the life long friendships that are made and the awesome concession stands. I'm sure you guys have had the "suicide" soft drink where you mix all of the flavors of soda's together? What about the Frito Pies and the popcorn? Don't forget about the sunflower seeds and the bubble gum.

My baseball teams never made it that far. So you guy need to hold your head up high. Yeah, so you guys had a terrible 1st inning. Just chalk it up to experience and move on. Don't look back. I'm hoping San Antonio has some type of city wide celebration for you guys complete with a river walk parade .You guys deserve it.

P.S I would not be suprised if my daughter and my neice show up at the celebration. It would be impossible to hold them back. They love you guys!

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