Sunday, March 7, 2010

Driving in San Antonio....

I am really concerned about driving in San Antonio these days. I am a conservative driver. I am not aggressive. I am a defensive driver more than anything. I always maintain a safe following distance. I usually drive about five miles over the speed limit. With that being said, I have two major complaints.

1. Following distance. I find more and more people are resorting to tailgating. Why do people tailgate? I don't know. What happens if I have to stop all of a sudden? It is very frustrating. People that tailgate don't care if you have kids in the car or even a baby. These people do not deserve to be in the road and they deserve to have their car impounded and fined.

2. Turn signals. No one uses their turn signals anymore. I am driving and someone will cut in front of me using no signal. Honking at these people is useless.

I am concerned at all of the instances of road rage here in San Antonio. I watch it every night on the evening news. I would hope that these people are educated enough to think twice about what they do on the road. I regretfully think that these aggressive drivers have a high school education. That is about it. Nothing good ever happens from road rage. More than likely a trip to the hospital would be in store for you if you are overly aggressive on the road.

Please be careful on the roads. Watch your following distance and use your turn signals. There are families on the road. One mistake from a self centered driver and a family can be wiped out.

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