Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Parents having fun with texting

My 70 ish year old parents have discovered the art of texting. My parents are in Las Vegas today and I received several texts from them. The texts are all funny. It is a good way for them to keep us kids up to date on their wins and losses in Las Vegas.

My parents have discovered how to send the same text to multiple parties. I thought they were sending the texts to only me. But after calling my mom in Las Vegas to see if I was special I discovered that they are using the above mentioned technique to send all of my brothers and sisters the same text messages. It is not as personal as them calling us but it is still communication. I will now attempt to describe a couple of text messages that I received today.

1. Picture mail with audio of certain hotels.

2. A picture mail of the winning slot machine my dad was using.

3. A picture of them heading to the Donny and Marie concert.

4. A text message from my mom stating something about my dad's pants falling down from all of the walking they are doing in Las Vegas.(I had to put this text in PG-13)

Overall I am happy that they are able to communicate with us and have fun with technology that was not even available when they were growing up.I still remember playing with my dad's brick cell phone. I wonder what text messages I will get from them tomorrow?

P.S That is not my mom with that I-Phone in the above picture.

I just received a text that my parents Donnie and Marie concert was canceled (1 minute ago)I hope they can go see another show instead.

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