Sunday, February 21, 2010


I have been praying a lot these days. I pray for my family to be protected at all times. I pray to help me provide for my family. I pray every morning to help me have a good day. I also pray for people who need help and people who are important in my life. I find that God listens to my prayers.

It is good to pray, it does not make you more or less of a man. It is good to have an open dialogue with your creator. I must have a special hotline up there or be favored because I feel that God protects me and listens to my prayers at all times. I found the following excerpt from the book "Lists to live by" the Christian Collection for everything that really matters, by Alice Gray, Steven Stephens and John Van Diest.

Four ways God answers prayers:

If the request is wrong,
God says, No.

If the timing is wrong,
God says, slow.

If you are wrong,
God says, Grow.

But if the request is right,
the timing is right,
and you are right,
God says, Go.

I try and pray for the right requests. There have been times where God has told me to grow. I also believe that my requests and timing has been right and he has wanted me to go forward.

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