Friday, February 19, 2010

Teen angst

I met a client for lunch earlier this week. We were both talking about our kids and how they are growing up fast. Pretty soon both of my daughters will be teenagers

The teen years I believe are for discovery . My teen years were ok. I know I was a mischievous kid growing up. I liked to get into trouble quite a bit. I was also a selfish teen. I had moments as a teen that I am not proud of. I caused some heartache to my parents which I wish I could take back.

I do think my teen years made me stronger as a person. I know my daughters will be ok. I know me and my wife will be up to the challenge . Even if my daughters don't like what they hear at times from their parents, I know they will always love and continue to be there for me and my wife even into my senior years.

My sisters are living proof of that with my parents I will let you know how it goes with us.

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