Thursday, June 25, 2009

Celebration Time!

Just a little tidbit about the upcoming 50th Wedding Anniversary of my parents. We have been planning their Anniversary celebration for a few years now. Guess what? That day will be here on July 4th 2009. My sisters have been busy bees planning everything from the mass,the music and food. The invitations are out. We are expecting tons of people.

I am happy that we are all here to witness this event. It is certainly a milestone for them and the family. It was not an easy milestone for them to reach. There were alot of bumps on the way. No marriage is perfect. My dad was really the only one that worked and supported all of us. My mom and dad worked for a bit together at the family business. Once the family business closed it was just my dad working. He supported all nine of us. My parents gave us everything we needed to grow. All my brothers and sisters played sports and other extracurricular activities.

I can't help but wonder how hard it must have been to support all nine of us. That would be a very difficult thing to do now. I have four daughters and I find it a challenge sometimes to support them (and my wife works too!) Mom and Dad you did a great job with all of us. We are all working professionals and contributing to society. Most of us have graduated from St.Mary's University (Not a cheap school to attend!) We are teaching our kids the values that we were taught. So at this point I am going to thank you for some of the things I remember from my childhood. Here it goes:

Thanks for the love.

Thanks for the bikes, the big wheel.

Thanks for getting me into sports as a kid.

Thanks for finding me after discovering I was lost at Hemisfair 68'.

Thanks for wiping the tears.

Thanks for listening .

Thanks for giving me alot of brothers and sisters to fight with and grow with.

Thanks for the hair growing up. (I am not sure if I should thank you now in my present state!)

Thanks for the cars.

Thanks for the support in high school.

Thanks for my college ring.

Thanks for loving my kids.

And the list goes on. Anyway, it is not about me it is about you guys. I hope you all have a great night on July 4th. I hope it is a night to remember.

P.S I am the baby in this picture!

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