Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The low down

I have been wanting to work on a blog for a while now. I started one two years ago but stopped. I have a lot of comments, observations, mostly lighthearted. I loved taking creative writing in college and I feel that writing is one of my strong points. For some reason I am able to translate my thoughts onto paper with ease. I work full time and have some pretty long hours. When I get home I am usually helping my wife with our four wonderful daughters getting them fed and ready for school the following day.

The only time I really have to write is after the kids go to bed or on my day off. One of my immediate personal goals came true about a year ago getting published by "This I believe" on NPR. That article was titled "Take five minutes," which I felt was something that we all need to do. We need to appreciate the things around us. I also became published again with SA PULSE magazine contributing a couple of articles. One article was about the SA Food Bank. Another was a commentary about downsizing in Corporate America. I also contributed to the cover story "Fashionista" story with Vanessa Fernandez, Tom Arguello and Johnny Compton. For the July/Aug issue of SA PULSE magazine I have a nice article about hiking Government Canyon Natural Area in Helotes.

I feel that each one of us is capable of excellence in life, whether it be at work or school, we should strive for this excellence. Why live an ordinary life? I overheard ABC football analyst John Madden comment a while back, "Never let good enough be good enough." I think when I analyze this and translate it into everyday life we should never let what we do be good enough. We should always strive to be better. I take this motto to work with me daily. I always strive to be the best at achieving whatever I am doing.

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