Thursday, June 18, 2009

Raising daughters

It has been fun raising my daughters. I remember each one of them as chubby babies. I loved staying home with them on my days off while my wife worked. I remember their first smile, the first word, the first poop, the first diaper change, the first barf, the first fart (yes parent's remember this!) of each one. It's been my greatest pleasure to be their dad. To be honest I don't even think about the responsibility and the fears. I just think about the "now" with them. I love seeing them grow into their own person.
It has been so fun watching and waiting for their personalities to appear. Their personalities have certainly arrived. One is mischievous. One is very observant and asks alot of questions. Another is academic and is very social. While another one loves sports. They all have a couple of things in common. Their love for their parents. They are all wonderful girls. They are all daddy's girls of course. I have been very fortunate to have survived several rounds of layoffs. The job is looking good. I have been able to provide for them.
I feel very lucky to have had all daughters. I don't know what it would be like having a son. My daughters pretty much wrestle with each other just like boys probably would do. They probably fart as much as boys. When people see me in public with my daughters sometimes I will get a chuckle, sometimes a comment like,"who did you piss off" or "you poor bastard." I have heard every comment out there. I don't care. I can't picture myself or my wife without our kids.
I look forward to the terrible teens. I will embrace the teenage years. I am prepared for the I hate you. I am prepared for the tears. I am prepared for the boys, their first date. I look forward to buying their first car. I look forward to seeing them drive off to their first job. Even after the I hate you's I know it is a phase and I know that they will come back around. I've seen it in myself growing up. I have seen it in my sisters growing up. I am ever so close to my parents. I know my daughters will be close to me when they approach adulthood.I look forward to walking each one of them down the aisle one day. I look forward to giving each one away. I look forward to becoming a grandfather.
Take care of me and momma when we are old. Pass on the values that we have taught you. I know you all will become fine women.

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