Friday, June 19, 2009

Heroes among us

Just a quick note about my dad. Eddie Arguello Sr grew up on the west side of San Antonio. He served in the U.S Navy in the 1950's . He served on a few salvage ships including the USS Tutuila, USS Salvager, and the USS Opportune. While serving on the USS Opportune he had the privilege of meeting Carl Brashears. A movie was made several years later about Brashears called 'Men of Honor" the first African American Navy Salvage diver. My dad also played fast pitch softball for the US Navy earning several batting titles and also playing against Johnny Podres. Later on Podres left the Navy to pitch for the Los Angeles Dodgers in the 1950's.
He came back home to San Antonio where he married my mom, Mary Lou Medrano. My dad went on to work for the Sherwin Williams company where he retired. He also went on to own his own paint company. He also worked for CPS Energy where he retired as building operations director. What is amazing is that there was nine of us in the family. He supported all of us over the years on one salary. My mother never worked. We were all crammed in a small house over the years but we were happy. I guess that is why we are all so close even today.
My dad led by example. He showed me what it takes to support a family. He showed me that it has not been easy. There were allot of bumps along the way. We made it. These are different times. I hope I can raise and support my family the same way that he did. It is not easy in today's economic environment. He raised a fine group of men and women. My brothers and sisters are all working in everything from banking, insurance, education , media to law enforcement.
Thanks dad.
Happy father's day.

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