Sunday, June 28, 2009

Work relocation. Not all that bad?

My company recently relocated to a different part of town a few months ago. We are on a campus that is state of the art. I've determined that the work day revolves around food. Let me first say that this place is like a country club. It is very employee oriented. Everything is catered to the employee here. This is not a bad thing. This is good.

Let me see. There is a gym with all the latest equipment. There is a doctor's office. There is a mail area. There is a cafeteria, more like a "mini food court". There is a shuttle service. There is a day care. What else do we need ? Management has even brought in distinguished speakers and comedians. There are different divisions here at work. I work for one of 19 0r 20 divisions. You guessed it there are tons of employees. We are catered to so much when does everyone find the time to work?

At my other work location there was no gym, daycare,doctor, or food court. There was a little deli-style cafe on the bottom floor of this building but nothing to write home about. The little deli did do their best to please all the workers at my old building. Back to what I'm thinking. I truly believe that my present work location revolves around food here is why:
  • Mini food court has a station for Mexican food, pizza, grilling, salad, subs, Starbucks,ice cream and Chinese food.
  • There is a beverage station with every type of beverage available.
  • You can take a food tray up to a different floor and eat at your desk.
  • People walking around with food and sodas everywhere you look.
This is just for lunch. You should see breakfast time!!! There is a breakfast taco station, Cream of Wheat, Oatmeal, bagels, and the list goes on. If you are on a diet this is not the place to work at.
Is office relocation bad? I don't think so. I guess as long as you get some work done and don't look at your debit card statement. With my debit card statement I might as well be a stockholder in the company running our cafeteria. I wonder what is on the breakfast menu tomorrow???

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