Monday, June 22, 2009

Ginobili in or out?

I read all over the internet today about a trade rumor surrounding Manu Ginoboli. I am the biggest Ginobili fan out there. I still remember his press conference when he first arrived in San Antonio. Let me first say that I have been a Spurs fan and former season ticket holder since the 1970's. I have seen all kinds of players go through the Spurs organization. Everyone from George Gervin to Larry Kennon. From James Silas to Artis Gilmore.

Does Ginobil have a couple of good years left in him? I would have to say yes. Have his ankles derailed any hopes of a Spurs championship the past two years? Yes. Does next season rely on the health of his ankles. You know the answer. I know this topic is uncomfortable for Spurs fans but it is all rumors.

The trade would involve sending Manu and Oberto to the Washington Wizards for shooting guard Nick Young, Mike James, and center Etan Thomas. The Spurs would also get the 5th pick in the NBA draft.

Do I want to see Ginobili leave San Antonio? No. The Spurs do need to start building for the future. They can build around Duncan and Parker. Even as a life long Spurs fan this proposed trade would make business sense. Look at the other teams in the Western Conference. The Lakers, the Rockets and even the Jazz, they are getting younger. The Washington Wizards would become one of the elite teams in the East with Arenas and Ginobili.

Spurs coach Greg Popovich said recently in an interview,"People get in trouble when they say never. But Manu Ginobili is someone I cannot envision trading." They Spurs are also interested in other prospects as well.

Relax fellow Spurs Fans. It is just rumors. Don't turn that channel just yet.

The NBA draft is scheduled for Thursday June 25th.

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