Sunday, June 21, 2009

In memorium

I wanted to share a couple of stories about an ex coworker of mine. I first met Jeff Hanke while working at a bank. We both started together there. We were both Account Representatives. That position basically meant you were a Customer Service Rep or a Collector. We became fast friends. He introduced me to his high school sweetheart Melissa. Jeff was rowdy. He cursed. He liked to fight. He drank. He was a big Dallas Cowboy fan. He used to tell me that you could find a news article about the Cowboys 365 days a year. He was professional either on the phone or in front of customers. He was a good team player. He really did his job.

I would meet up with him almost every morning at a Taco Cabana near work. We usually ordered the same thing, "The Eggs Mexicana" plate (that is probably why I no longer have a gall bladder!) On occasion he liked to get away with things. I remember one day we were "horsing" around at the office. We were in the break room and he decided to kick me in the rear for no reason. No one saw that. Another time we were at a restaurant for lunch and I saw him kick a bathroom stall door off of it's hinges. This was all in the name of fun according to him. I was of course in shock.

Our employer was going through some changes. I ended up leaving the company and Jeff ended up leaving for a bigger opportunity. From what I understand, he went on to get his Masters degree in business. He also ended up being an executive for a big company here in San Antonio . He was always a golfer. Everyone said that he should have entered the PGA Tour somewhere. I never crossed paths with him after that.

Jeff died in a one car rollover accident on Loop 1604 about four years ago. I bring it up now because he knew how to live. I have never had a forum to talk about it till now. He was larger than life. He taught me about having a good work ethic but yet have fun at the same time. I believe his spirit is with me sometimes while I am at work. I will catch myself or someone doing something that brings back some of those memories. I have to crack a smile. Jeff I know you are watching the Dallas Cowboys from up above.

Rest in peace buddy.

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