Thursday, July 2, 2009

Farewell front lawn!

I've decided to let my lawn go. With the record setting temperatures this summer why should I water my lawn? Why fight a losing battle? It happens every summer. It is the same pattern. Here it is:

1. The grass starts to look brown.

2. I water it.

3. It gets green!

4. It starts to look brown.

5. I water it.

6. It gets green!

You know the pattern.

We are ready to hit stage three restrictions. Which by the way means watering on your designated day between the hours of 3-8 am or 8-10 pm. Yeah right. I am actually going to get up or set my timer for 3 in the morning! I understand that watering by hose is allowed on any day at any time. I am actually going to stand out in the heat with a hose!

While other people are out watering their lawn. I am inside drinking a cold one. I am also enjoying low water bills. What's the use. I know I might not be the best homeowner in the summer. I am actually a dam good home owner in the winter!

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