Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Going a few rounds with Mia and Sofie's room

I have determined that I am in a losing battle with Mia and Sofie's room. I would say that they have close to a hundred stuffed animals. Several board games too. They also have a lot of those darn Happy Meal toys. These Happy Meal toys can be located in the house if you look hard enough. Open several of the drawers in the kitchen you will probably find some Happy Meal toys in there. I just figured out what Happy Meal toys are good for. They are good to step on and hurt yourself.

Mia and Sofie share a room together. Their closet is a place where their old toys and clothes hang out together. These clothes and toys are organized sometimes and other times mixed together like some sort of tossed salad. Their closet is a hiding place for them too.

Items you can find on the floor Mia and Sofie's room.

1. Crayons
2. Hair ties
3. McDonald's toys
4. Old coloring book pages
5. Old candy wrappers
6. Kids sunglasses
7. Clothes
8. Stuffed animals
9. Littlest Pet Shop junk.
10. Stickers from different sticker books (Don't get me started on these!)

I have tried to pick up the toys and put them in their place. I have tried to pick up clothes off the floor and put them back on hangers and in drawers. We have even tried to donate some of their gently used toys to charity. Somehow these toys and stuffed animals find their way back to the house.

Mia and Sofie's room will not make any children's magazines for best decorated or anything like that. But messy or clean, their rooms are where they are most happiest. I was most happiest in my room growing up too. I guess I will always be picking up here and there. But for the most part, their rooms will be their own little safe messy getaways.
PS The kids room pictured above is purely fantasy and does not exist...Just kidding I'm sure there are rooms out there somewhere like this one. Just not in our house.

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