Wednesday, July 15, 2009

A four year old daughter's list of questions

I ride to work everyday with my four year old daughter. She goes to the daycare right next to my work. I think I have answered just about every question that a four year old girl can ask. I don't claim to have the right answer all the time, but it is fun answering all of her questions. My work is located on the outskirts of the Hill Country. So along the way we run into farm animals as well as wild animals. We take some cool winding roads too. So without further adieu, presenting :

Sofie's list of daily questions (the ones I remember!)

1. Do you have any gum? (This is usually the first question)

2. Why are those two cows wrestling? (We pass alot of cows along the way and they are not wrestling if you know what I mean!)

3. Is the sun awake and the moon asleep? (Lucky I took a little astronomy in college.)

4. When I grow up will I go to a big school? (Common question I expect.)

5. The kids at daycare are mean to me. ( I tell her to let her teacher know.)

6. Which cloud is "Mamo" grandma on. (She passed away a year ago.)

7. Can I go to grandma's house instead of school? ( Her other grandma's house.)

8. Did you see that dog in the middle of the road? (It was a coyote)

9. Dad I'm keeping an eye out for policemen so you do not get a ticket. (I have her trained.)

10. Can we stop at McDonald's on the way home? ( We pass one every day)

I will keep you posted as I get them!

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