Sunday, July 19, 2009

Searching for my roots

For the longest time I had wanted to trace my ancestry. In my dad's memoirs he does a good job of providing documents on our ancestry. I knew my family came over from Mexico and had originated in Spain. I know tracing one's ancestry can be very difficult and confusing at times. But enquiring minds want to know! I also want to be able to tell my kids where the family came from. In a time where we live in a fast paced society its nice to slow down and reflect on how we all got here. Without trying to confuse myself too bad, this is what I have found.

Great Grandparent ( Lenor's Parents)
Eleno Martinez/Juanita LLamas
Villa de Noriega Nuevo Leon Mexico

Great Grandparent (Carmen's Parents)
Segundino Arguello/Ambroisa Torres
Lampasos Nuevo Leon Mexico

Grandparent (Paternal)
Carmen Arguello/Leonor Martinez LLamas
Carmen born 1900-Lampasos Nuevo Leon Mexico
Leonor born 1900-Villa de Noriega Nuevo Leon Mexico

I wanted to thank my dad for keeping such good records for us. I am very humbled looking at my Grandparents immigration paper work and Alien Registration cards. I see from these cards that they entered the U.S from Laredo Texas in 1906. To think that they came to this country looking for a better life. They came here in search of the American dream that some of us have and some of us are still searching for.I never had a chance to meet any of them. I think I was a baby when my last remaining Grandparent was still around. I wonder what they were like. I think my dad would carry around some of their mannerisims. I think I would too. I would love to talk to them today. I wish I could. I would tell them how thankful I am. How thankful that they decided to make a better life for us. How it has not been a easy thing to do. But we have done our best.

I would like to think that my Grandparent's and Great-Grandparent's would be proud of all of our accomplishments. I think they would be proud of all of my brothers and sisters and all of our families. I know they would love seeing all of the kids. I just want them to know that day in 1906 when they crossed the bridge in Laredo Texas was not in vain. That crossing set off a chain of events that led to their reward. We are the end result . We are their rewards. Each one of my brothers and sisters have been big contributors to our society and to their legacy. Now trying to find my mother's side of the family...Yikes....

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