Saturday, July 25, 2009

Missing you 1980's video games!

I am missing my 1980's video games. There were some real fun video games back then. We used to go out for lunch my Senior year in high school. We would go to the local mall and play video games for lunch. So what if we went hungry the rest of the day. We were having fun. Some real cool video games debuted in the 1980's.

Some of the cool video games from the 1980's I remember playing quite a bit are as follows:

1.Moon Patrol -What was the goal here? You and a buddy cruise around in a moon vehicle and look for trouble?
2.Time Pilot - One of my personal favorites from the 1980's. You are a fighter pilot going against different planes and jets from various decades.
3.Galaga- You command a spaceship and you avoid aliens taking shots at you. The challenging stages are real fun.
4.Donkey Kong- Need I say more?
5.Missile Command- There was no joystick. Just a ball that was hard to control.
6.Tempest- This game had a cool knob that you twist. You are shooting at enemies at a distance and try to get them before they get you.
7.Defender -Space game. Aliens vs you.
8.Star Wars- The original game.
9.Super Breakout - Too cool.
10.Paperboy- You ride a bike and deliver the paper. You try and hit targets including people.
There are too many to mention. Oh well. I can keep reminding myself of how fun these games were. I wouldn't mind have my own personal Tempest machine!

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