Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Where is my flying car?

I have always been a big fan of Science Fiction. I watch everything from Star Trek to Star Wars. From Stargate Atlantis to Battlestar Galactica. If there has ever been a Science Fiction movie ever made, I have seen it. I am just fascinated by technology. I was about five years old when we first went to the moon. I used to have a toy lunar lander that my parents bought me. Ever since then I have been fascinated with space travel and NASA.

I know that back in the 60's I saw TV shows about flying cars , robots, ray guns. Where is all of this technology that was promised to us? I am not even sure if the jetpack has been perfected.

According to about.com in the article 'The top 10 inventions needed" by Mary Bellis I am in agreement with her on all of the inventions she mentions. Some of the things I think we need now are the following:

1.Transporter- San Antonio traffic. Need I say more?
2.Replicator- We could order any food item or drink that we want. I would probably ask for the Chris Madrid Chedder Cheesy burger.(San Antonio burger joint)
3.Flying car- If I must drive in San Antonio I want to be able to bypass all of the tailgaters and broken stoplights.
4.Fountain of Youth - I'm not sure if I would want a drink from this. I know I would want to stay young. I'm not sure what age I would want to stay. Do I want to be a kid or do I want to stay my current age? Do I want to be the same age as my kids? Do I want my kids to drink from this? I would need more information.
5.Time Machine- I would love to go back in time and visit some events or people in history.
I think there might be a version of some type of flying car already. Probably very pricey. Oh well , maybe my kids or grandchildren might be able to try one of these inventions when I am gone. Sigh!
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