Friday, July 17, 2009

One more Anniversary item!

I came across this poem that my dad wrote for my mom. He wrote it back in 2003 for their 44th Wedding Anniversary. My wife said that I should have read it at my parent's 50th Wedding Anniversary. I will try to leave it in its original form. Here it is.

"My dearest darling a long time ago I lived in a poor neighborhood. The barrio was my home , better known as the hood. Gangs, knives, were common those days and I never knew if I would live to survive another day.

Then one bright and sunny day you happened to come my way.You changed my life and you took me away.What you saw in me I'll never visualize. What I saw in you was an angel in disguise.

When you are young at heart it's hard to realize that one day in the future you would be my wife. When you are but a teen it's hard to understand that god set you aside to be my queen.

You gave me the inspiration that I never had. You gave me the courage to see what's ahead. You gave me the class that best fits you.

You gave me your love and nine kids too.

You have guided my life all through the years, during moments of joy and moments of tears. I've had a thousand jobs. It's been a hassle just to accomplish my dream to build you a castle.

I could never repay you for the things you have done for me. The castle is our castle for now and eternity."

I think this poem is an example of their love and the bond that they have even today. I think the kids and the family are what holds everything together.

Very nice! (In my Borat voice)

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